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Connor and Team C Racing Dominate Baja 500

June 4, 2016

Larry Connor and Team C Racing won the Baja 500 in Mexico by a whopping 2 hours over their nearest competitor in the Trophy Truck Spec series.

Connor and company had a time of 10 hours and 33 minutes and the closest team was more than 2 hours back at 12 hours and 34 minutes. Connor’s team swept the entire series in 2015 and are well on their way to another phenomenal season.

In fact, this was the team’s 7th straight win in the last two years.

“In business, racing, and anything else we do, preparation, planning, and mindset play a huge part in our success,” Connor said.

In addition, Connor credits Mason Motorsports for providing “a truck that is exceptional in its handling and its preparation” as well as the “flawless performance” of BF Goodrich tires.

This race started in 1969 and is known for being a grueling test of both man and machine.

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