Why 4 is a Lucky Number for Team C Racing

It begins with 4 world-class drivers/navigators and culminates with Team C Racing’s 4th consecutive SCORE International Racing Series win at the 47th SCORE Baja 500 race, June 4-7, in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

Competing in the Trophy Truck Spec class, driver Jason Ruane and co-driver Neal Mason helmed the first leg of the 510 mile race and secured a nine minute lead before handing the reins, or more aptly steering wheel, to driver Larry Connor and co-driver Jacob Andrew.

Quickly capitalizing on the lead provided by Ruane and Mason, Connor and Andrew crossed the finished line, first in class, ten hours and twenty seven minutes after the race began, beating the second place class winner by approximately 40 minutes and placing 15th overall.

Said Connor, “I get asked all the time how a relatively new team can achieve these results. The answer is simple. People. We have the best and most talented crew, led by Jeremy “JJ” Johnson, who are passionate about what we do and how we do it. Commitment to a common strategy and goals are what makes this team function like we’ve been doing this together for years. We’re all on the same page.”

Next for Team C Racing is the Imperial Valley 250 in September. Stay tuned. Will 5 become the team’s next lucky number?